Grow roses – the most loved flower!

Grow Lovely Roses

The rose might be the most loved flower, ever. It is true for those who grow roses themselves and for all those who buy a rose to give away! A rose is a gift that will tell the recipient more than any word can express.

If you give a bouquet or may be just a single bud of the flower that has not yet bloomed it can unfurl the heart filled with emotions. If you have been growing the roses in your own garden it will add a lot of affection when giving them away!

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Growing roses – different kinds 

The records of different species of roses show that there are about 100 to 150 species. There are but botanists that claim that there are less species though, and they will say around 100 species only.

There are two different kinds of roses. The oldest roses we have are those discovered before 1867. To grow roses is an old art!  The other kind is the modern roses we call for example: Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and Grandifloras.

The English roses are considered the most lovable roses, and were created by David Austin, an English rose hybridizer, in the year 1969.

People are fascinated about growing roses in their own gardens. Those flowers are so pretty and make such an impact everywhere they grow!

Take good care of your rose bush

But roses need high maintenance and proper regular care. Water is needed often, even if lightly, and fertilizer should be added. They need to be pruned just before the spring when the buds start appearing on the branches, and the bushes and the dead branches should be cut in proper time. Roses also need some special care during wintertime..

Meaning of roses

Rose can be said to be a synonym of love. Different colors of roses signify different feelings. A red rose has always been a sign of LOVE. The most romantic gift that two love birds can give is a red rose. Pink roses have a tradition of meaning admiration for a person, while the yellow rose is known to show the reality of a platonic love.

If you give away a white rose, it will show peace and respect for the one who receives it. It is even of course a sign for innocence and purity. If you want to show passion and hot feelings – an orange rose will be perfect!

Learn more about Meaning of Roses here: Meaning of Flower Color

What if you grow roses yourself and pick one fire filled rose from your own rose bush! That’s a good reason for start learning how to grow roses!

Grow roses from cuttings: How to grow climbing roses

Read more about how to grow a rose here.

Growing Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses – Floral Beauty

Floribunda roses, a group of garden roses, are the horticultural product of a cross-breeding between the hybrid tea rose and the polyantha rose.

They are desirable because they bloom with profusion like that of polyanthas, but a floral beauty and color range like that of hybrid teas.

Floribundas typically have shrub bases that are stiff, and more small and bushy than a typical hybrid tea rose bush, but not quite as thickly composed and widely spread as a typical polyantha rose bush.

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Floribunda roses
Rose – Judy Garland – Floribunda

Rose – Moondance – Floribunda

Rose – Rainbow Sorbetâ„¢ – Floribunda Rose

Rose – Hot Cocoa – Floribunda

Rose – Scentimental – Floribunda Rose

Rose – Vavoomâ„¢ – Floribunda Rose

Rose – Julia Child – Floribunda

Rose – Easy Going – Floribunda

 Floribunda Rose Facts

Floribunda roses are generally not as large as the flowers of their parent plants, but tend to grow in large groupings, which give a nice floral effect for a garden. This makes floribunda rose planting very popular in public parks and gardens.

These roses appear in all the color varieties of its parent plants and have a basic shape that is like that of the tea rose.


Pruning Floribunda Roses

This type of rose is vigorous and hardy, and should be pruned towards the end of the winter season. For many gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere, this is January or February.

In order to prune a floribunda rose plant; remove debris and dead foliage from the shrub and its surrounding area, and snip off any dead canes. More about pruning roses

Old blossoms should also be snipped off the bush in order to make space for the next season’s new blossoms.

When planting floribunda rose bushes; check some facts for planting roses here.

Growing Grandifloras

Enjoy the Grandiflora Roses

With grandifloras you can enjoy flower blooms that are strong, sturdy and offer a stunning amount of visual appeal. The canes of these roses can grow as tall as 3-10 feet, depending upon the variety. During the flowering season there are numerous clusters of roses that appear. In most instances these clusters will each contain 5-7 blooms. Even with their outstanding height grandiflora roses usually maintain a tidy, round silhouette. These are fragrant flowers that require very little pruning and do not tend to outgrow their allotted garden space.

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Grandiflora Rose

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Grandiflora Rose

Queen Elizabeth
Grandiflora Rose

Sunshine Daydream

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Grandiflora Rose:

* Recurrent blooming
* Slightly Fragrant
* Fragrant
* Recurrent blooms

Grandiflora Varities

Grandiflora roses offer an ideal combination of the traits seen in roses of the hybrid tea and floribunda varieties. Indeed, these grand and magnificent flowers produce a unique display of the best traits that are so desirable in both of their ancestral species. For individuals who enjoy the beauty of roses plants such as the grandiflora varieties are a good choice for most garden settings. They are hardy in zones 5-9, and are treasured for their ability to withstand chilly winter weather.

 Basic Tips for Proper Care of Grandiflora roses

A grandiflora will need a minimum of 6-8 hours of full sunlight on a daily basis. This is why you have to plant them in an area that is open to the light and free from unnecessary shading. If you must choose an area of your yard with partial shade try to give the roses as much morning sun as possible and limit the hours of exposure to the harsh, hot afternoon light. You can find some species of grandiflora roses that will thrive in the most extreme conditions but most will appreciate a little relief from the afternoon sun. You should always make sure that grandiflora roses are placed in soil that has a soil with a fairly neutral acidity. Look for the pH to read between 6.8-7.2. Amend the soil as necessary so that the growing medium is fertile and quick to drain.

 Roses Plants Distance

When you are growing multiple grandiflora roses it is a good idea to space each plant at distances of 4-6 feet. This will give the roses better air circulation, help control black spot disease and allow them enough room to grow unimpeded in your garden. Click here to know more about sickness on roses Only water grandiflora roses as necessary. This is usually once a week, or when the ground around their roots is dry at a depth of 1-2 inches beneath the soil surface. Overwatering can increase the chance that the roses will develop root rot, wilting or black spot disease.